SPORTLIFE: The Human Body (Biblestudy)

Individual course with coach
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If you are taking an athlete through a Critical Issues or Follow up Bible Study (see below), it may be
helpful to read through the Theological Perspective piece under which the Issue falls. Currently there are eight Theological Perspectives. These pieces have been written to give you more understanding of what the Bible has to say about the larger areas such as emotions, the body or money. Because we cannot all be experts in every issue an athlete or coach may deal with, we have enlisted experts (biblical scholars and sport practitioners) to deepen our understanding of these issues from a biblical perspective. This will help you answer further questions to those you are trying to help and give you deeper insight into the spiritual needs underlying the specific. The Theological Perspectives are intended to help you prepare to walk an athlete or coach through the Critical Issue or Follow Up Bible Study.


The core of the material are the 25 Critical Issues which range in nature from Body Image, to Fear of
Failure, to Fair Play. The Critical Issues are written in such a way that the athlete or coach can walk through them on their own or alongside a chaplain, coach or mentor. Each Critical Issue offers practical help with the particular issue the athlete is dealing with to help them succeed in this area of their sport or personal life. The coach, chaplain or mentor can present this practical help to an athlete or a team based on a felt need observed or expressed, a coach’s request, or as a personal development curriculum.


The Follow Up Bible Studies are written to introduce the athlete or coach to what the Bible has to say about the specific issue dealt with in the Critical Issue. They are very simple and focused Bible Studies based on one or two Bible passages. Each one contains a life and/or sport application and closes with a simple prayer. These can be given to an athlete to go through on their own or walked through with the coach, chaplain or mentor. It should take about 20 minutes. As you are finishing up a Critical Issue with an athlete you can simply ask them a questions such as, “I hope this has been helpful to you. If you are interested, I also have a similar piece which explains what the Bible has to say about this issue which has been developed for athletes like yourself. Would you be interested in meeting again and looking at that together?” Additionally, after you have gone through a Critical Issue and Follow Up Bible Study with an athlete, you can also offer them the Theological Perspective to work through on their own.

Finally, if you are presenting these materials or walking an athlete or coach through them, it is important to not present yourself as more credentialed or qualified than you are. We are not trying to replace sport psychologists, nutritionists, or financial planners. It is best to print and present only one issue to an athlete or coach at a time, so as not to overwhelm or confuse them. Simply print out the Critical Issue that deals with the felt need you are trying to address and present that to the athlete or team you are working with. Then if you have opportunity to follow up with them, move on to the Follow Up Bible Study for that particular Critical Issue.

It is our prayer that these materials allow you to serve the athletes and coaches God has given you influence over, or perhaps to open doors for you to serve an athlete, coach or team. We pray that these materials will not only help athletes with practical problems they are facing, but also lead to discipleship and growth of these athletes in coaches as they wrestle with the areas they are passionate about from a Biblical perspective.

*The beliefs and opinions expressed in this curriculum are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the athletes pictured therein.