Know God Personally
109 students
Find God - What does it take to know God? This will explain how you can personally begin a relationship with God, right now.
105 students
Is God new to you? Are you struggling to find out what to do next? The Getting Started Series will connect you with resources and articles to help you on the next step of your journey.
61 students
Every day can be an exciting adventure for the Christian who knows the reality of being filled with the Holy Spirit and who lives constantly, moment by moment, under His gracious direction.
Bursting Your Bubble
23 students
A small group training series designed and developed for men and women in the marketplace who both need, and want, to be equipped to engage their friends and colleagues in spiritual conversations.
Doing Business God’s Way
21 students
One of our biggest challenges in the workplace is to integrate it with my personal and spiritual life. “I am prepared to contend that the primary location for spiritual formation is in the workplace”. (Eugene Peterson) Come and Discover hoe to do this.
Power over Fear
31 students
Turning your fear into power might seem unachievable at first, but here’s a simple process to use to pursue your personal passions and visions, despite your fear.